Climate House


typeArchitecture / Exhibition Design
clientUniversity of Oslo
statusOne of two finalists, invited competition
teamØystein Rø, Espen Røyseland, Gauthier Durey, Håvard Skarstein, Fredrikke Frølich, Margrete Bjone Engelien, Søren Olav Bessesen, Are Hagen
collaboratorsTinker Imagineers (Stan Boshouwers, Eddie Westbroek, Paul Van Houten, Leon Wijnhoud, Marieke Deveer, Anna Hoving, Ischa Vieten, Michael Buchner) , Bollinger + Grohmann, Steensen Varming

The architecture of the Climate House is a synthesis of environmentally optimizing design and inspiration taken from the  surrounding Botanical Garden. The result is a distinct building that stands out, but which at the same time adapts to its context in unusual ways. The form is based on an optimization of the building’s performative characteristics, inspired by principles in nature. The shape maximizes the energy-producing and water-collecting roof surface and minimizes the footprint. The building form opens to the sky. The multifunctional roof provides energy, daylight, venting and water collection. At the same time the roof area is accessible to the public and a promenade follows the building’s cornice. Underneath we find the exhibition areas carried by four different programmed feet; an amphitheater, the technical room, an outdoor stage and vertical communication. The exhibition floor is one large and flexible space, with genereous ceiling height and daylight possibilities. The amphitheater can be an integral part of the exhibition, but also serves as a place for separate events and landscapes for socialization. This space is a spectacular room that can create a unique framework for the climate debate in the future.