Barents Region

typeResearch / Urban Planning
clientThe Barents Triennale
teamØystein Rø, Espen Røyseland, Tanja Bergqvist, Håvard Breivik
collaboratorsPikene på broen, NTNU and Lapland University

Northern Experiments – The Barents Urban Survey 2009, is a collaborative project focusing on key cities and urban phenomena in the Barents Region. The project is directed by Øystein Rø and Espen Røyseland in co-operation with The Barents Triennale and Pikene på broen, the Departments of Urban Design and Planning, NTNU and Lapland University.

Teams and contributors from various backgrounds, professions and locations, from outside and within the region, have been invited to investigate urban conditions, phenomena and ongoing processes in the region. The aim of the project has been to present a contemporary reading of the region and of High North urbanity.

The 2009 Survey focuses on four aspects of the Barents region; the Barents as a global resource pool, the great Russian urban experiment, transnational space, and the potential of the periphery. A general theme is the experimental nature of the region. Having been a space for industrial, political and ideological experiments it can potentially be a space for new endeavors in society.

The Barents Urban Survey 2009 is presented in the book Northern Experiments.