typeStrategy / Urban Planning
clientMaster thesis, NTNU
teamØystein Rø, Hans Jørgen Wetlesen

A new understanding of the northernmost areas of Europe is emerging. The Barents Region has become the new loud and the small Norwegian border city Kirkenes finds itself in the midst of this super region. What potential could be found in the new situation? How should Kirkenes react? How can the city grasp the possibilities?

By using its unique geographical position, Kirkenes can develop a framework for urban development, adapted to and benefiting from a bi-national synergy. It will be a system for operating in a global, regional and local context. Transborder Kirkenes is a strategy with the goal of transforming Kirkenes from a border city into a transborder city.

Transborder Kirkenes is a visionary strategy. It describes a system based on a type of urbanism where cities can become bridges between nations, spaces from which to launch the global activities of trade, culture and innovation. It is a strategy for a city that no longer limits itself inside national borders. The Cold War is history. Global markets and free trade are the new dominant realities. As a result, the edge of Norway and Russia can emerge as the new focus area for investors, businesses, and local and national authorities.